Hi, I’m Livia. Yoga teacher and ocean lover. Over the course of my 34 years on this planet I have called many places my home. From Amsterdam to Italy and from Indonesia to Australia; wherever I went I always found myself returning to yoga.

Quest for truth

14 years ago, I first stepped on a mat and it has become my home ever since. What started as a purely physical practice, eventually deepened into a practice of self-study and development that reached far beyond the four corners of my mat. Yoga became my anchor. A non-negotiable. It is where I find peace of mind, new perspective, and what sparks pure joy.

I have a curious mind and a love for exploring new worlds, which led me to pursue a career in journalism and copywriting. Finding truth in the external world and writing about it in newspapers has taught me a lot, but it is yoga and meditation that quenches my thirst for a different kind of quest for truth: that of inner knowing.
Integrating mind and body, ratio and intuition, western science and eastern philosophy has enriched my life and through my classes I hope to enrich yours.



I have explored and continue to practice different styles of yoga – from Hatha and Yin, to Iyengar and Ashtanga. But I became infatuated with Vinyasa yoga in particular: an empowering and physically challenging style.

In 2020 I got certified (250 YTT) to teach what I love. The past four years I have been teaching yoga online, at the beach in Scheveningen and at Studio Bondi and Inner Embassy. In 2020 I also founded Flow Home Retreats. Since then I have facilitated several holistic retreats in both Tuscany and Bali and expanded my teachings to include Yin yoga and breathwork.

I am grateful to currently be deepening my teaching in a training with Doron Hanoch, a wonderful Zen and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher who studied with Mark Stephens, Richard Freeman, Pattabhi Jois and the Dalai Lama.

In my classes I emphasise function over aesthetic form: focusing on what postures feel like in your body, instead of how they look – encouraging students to look inward instead of outward for the answers. I am honored and excited to teach you what I know and to guide you to access your inner world through movement, breath, and mindful awareness.


In 2018 I discovered the power of breathwork. The way we breathe is a reflection of how we live. So if we change and free the breath, we change our experience of life. Through a technique called conscious connected breathing we can address our tension patterns and subconscious belief system. Breathwork can be a great addition or alternative to talk therapy or coaching – especially for those who find it hard to express themselves verbally. My personal experience was so profound it led me to do a teacher training in 2023. Since then I have been hosting breathwork circles and doing private sessions and trajectories with clients.


• 250 hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - Floripa Yoga (Sicily)
• Breathwork Teacher Training - Smara opleidingen (Netherlands)
• Now completing my 500 hr Doron Yoga Teacher Training - Doron Yoga (Guatemala)

I am currently based between The Hague and Voorthuizen. In The Hague I teach yoga at Studio Bondi and Inner Embassy and in Voorthuizen I manage a beautiful retreat center Het Ware Noorden. I am available at both locations for private yoga or breathwork sessions.