This is what our retreat guests said about the Flow Home Retreats in Tuscany

Tamara (from The Netherlands)

"How can I describe this experience? There is no way I can put into words what Livia and Loes created here. So, I'm gonna give it a try: love, trust, growth, grounding, breaking down all that I'm not and building up all that I am. A wonderful week where I learned so much about myself, about others and about who I actually am and want to be. Seeing my patterns, breaking through everything programmed inside of me and building a new program. The new me. The seed is planted, it's up to me to let it bloom now." 

May 2022

Mpho (from South Africa)

"It was a new but interesting experience for me. It felt more like a journey to recovery. I was with new people I didn't know, but it was organised right from the beginning that I felt welcome and at home with people that shared similar experiences and were all looking for healing. The retreat specifically allowed me a chance and offered for the first time a platform where I could release my hurt, pain, trauma, grief and bitterness. I had to face them and also release those negative feelings and set myself up to be born anew. I managed to empty this negativity and make room for love, new positive realities and revelations. It offered me a chance to start afresh, accept my path and begin a new with tools that offer resilience against future storms in life. Thank you Livia and Loes for guiding us through such a time of transformation with little ease and no judgement. The retreat was definitely worth the thousands of miles travelled from Africa to Italy. The venue was amazingly beautiful and soothing. I would definitely recomment this to anyone that is looking for a refuge and place to let go. Thank you so much!"

May 2022

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Audrey (from the United States)

"Eye opening, healing and life changing. Quite honestly, not at all what I had expected. The deep inner work, connection and safety, and endless learning opportunities were more than I could have dreamed. And all exactly what I needed! The location, beauty, and ville alone give this retreat 5 stars. Add an incredible yoga journey, amazing handmade food, thoughtful personal touches, and a group of women who really make you feel at home, you'll wish you never had to leave!"

May 2022

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Eva (from The Netherlands)

"This was my first time on a yoga retreat, but surely not the last time! Back at home I feel new spirit, more confidence in myself and a better connection with my body. Extra compliments for the chef: the food is healthy and it is and looks delicious. Loes and Livia complement each other in a lovely way and due to the consultation hours you can really work on yourself and discover your own practice. Everything is thought through: the only thing I had to do was to go with the flow, laugh and enjoy!"

May 2022